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Perché i serpenti hanno perso le zampe (articolo National Geographic, link)


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Un furetto dal National Geographic

Un furetto dal National Geographic dans animali ed animaletti black-footed-ferret_465_600x450

With its long, slender body, the black-footed ferret easily searches the burrows and tunnels of its favorite prey, the prairie dog.

la « solita » foto bellissima del National Geografic ripresa da blogosfere


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una foto bellissima dal National Geografiic

una foto bellissima dal National Geografiic dans National Geografic newborn-india-1195538-ga

Newborn Weigh-In, India
Photograph by Lynn Johnson

This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features

Founded in 1970, the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (also known as Jamkhed, for the city where it is based) delivers preventive care to poor people who otherwise would get none. The project has served 300 villages and 500,000 people in Maharashtra state, including a newborn baby, fully swaddled and suspended for his weigh-in by village health worker Leelabai Amte.

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