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(non riesco a leggere tutto, ma credo che sia un leone marino)

(non riesco a leggere tutto, ma credo che sia un leone marino) dans animali grandi, grandi (wow!) Aquarium%20hopes%20for%20renewal%20with%20marine%20mammal%20center

The whiskered mammal shimmied onto the fiberglass rock, shook the gray blubber behind her pointy snout, and gazed through a glass wall surrounding her small pool out to the waves of Boston Harbor. Then she let out a massive shriek.Their trainer was running a few minutes late, and Cordova, an 80-pound adult female northern fur seal, was growing restless for her afternoon feed of herring, capelin, and squid.
“We joke that our neighbors are going to think we have a serial killer on the property,’’ said Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium, as he showed off the sprawling building’s newest addition. Cordova is one of a group of five seals, and potentially several California sea lions, that will make their home in the new Marine Mammal Center, a $10 million open-air pavilion at the back of the aquarium.
It is the first new addition since the IMAX theater opened there in 2001. LaCasse said the staff hopes that the new exhibit, scheduled to open tomorrow, draws more visitors to the 40-year-old aquarium, which has been criticized in recent years for being dilapidated, with murky glass on its centerpiece tank and exhibits with burned-out lights.


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